Real time Orderflow (Time and sales data)

Hi ! I am looking for real time time and sales data(real time orderflow) . It shows the execution of actual orders on a real time basis . Its also called the tape . I don’t need anything more or anything less. How do I get this ? Can I get this for free? Are there any hacks? If not , then what’s the cheapest source?

I need it for all NSE stocks . Maybe , if possible , for commodities mcx . Please let me know .

I use zerodha . DOes upstox provide it ?


Basically in India, the time and sales window available is the 1 sec time stamped data and not tick-by-tick.

DartStock/Fyers/Interactive Brokers/Amibroker all have this kind of time and sales window.

But remember this is not the complete tape, but aggregated tape to 1sec intervals.