Realizing intraday profit and closing the CNC position at same time

Hi Folks,

I currently have a CNC holding of Reliance stock.
I sell the existing holding on 4th day of buying the stock at 9.30 AM in the morning.
Now, the same number of shares is shown as negative in ‘Position’ tab in Zerodha trading platform.
I see that at around 3 PM , in the ‘position’ tab the Reliance stock has made a good amount of profit and i would like realize that profit.
So i buy that again. I understand profit is realized but now my CNC holding position gets activated again.
I don’t want that to happen.
I would like to realize the intraday profit and at the same time i would like to sqaure off the CNC position as well. How can i do it?

That is not possible, to realize intraday profits one has to buy it back, in that case holding will be with you. Either don’t do any intraday trade or else holdings will stay.