RealTime Nifty option greeks calculator using IndiaVIX as Implied Volataility

here is an Excel sheet option greeks calculator using IndiaVIX as Implied volataility.

if you are a zerodha PI user you can easily modify this sheet to get realtime option greeks by replacing the
Cell C3 with india VIX RTD function and Cell E5 with Nifty 50 RTD function.


@saiography, have you used greeks calculator in excel before?

I am using this sheet for almost 6 months. here India VIX values are used as implied volataility for calculating the greeks.

Amazing! I’m gonna try this out soon! Thanks for sharing.

can you send the screetshot for real time use… i am not familiar with excel.i tried… i cant see

This is great! Thanks for sharing.

if you are a zerodha pi user first add IndiaVIX and Nifty 50 index in market watch.
then in the cell C3 put this formula =RTD(“pi.rtdserver”, ,“NSE_India VIX”, “Last”).
in the cell E5 put this formula =RTD(“pi.rtdserver”, ,“NSE_Nifty 50”, “Last”).
now it will update the greeks in every 2 seconds.

You will get the option greeks works only during trading hours. (ie. only if you worked on PI and values are updating.)

first check if your PI platform is enabled for link to excel.
Right click on market watch and select linkto excel.if new excel sheet opens and if you see market watch is updating in excel then it will work.

you can also make this to work on Nest trader and other platforms also. But sorry i cannot help, i am not using any other platform except pi.


Thanks a lot…

Yes @Srinivas I used greeks for trading Bank Nifty options, mostly writing the weekly expiry contracts.
The file I used is on this website. You can check for other excel files on this site. It’s a good repository, without any password lock for you to tweak as per your convenience :slight_smile:

Disclaimer: I am not an intraday trader.


The following links has very useful VBA code and Excelsheet for Option greeks.
This Link has excellent Option Trading Workbook.

Option Trading Workbook

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This link is broken. Could some one please share a working link.

Link doesnt work