Reason for expiry day, 3pm sharp move

At 3 pm , only premium left is very close call or put like 8000 nifty trading and premium closer to nifty and smart money always wants to eat premium in expiry days or day

Hi Nishant thanks for answering the question, can you give more clarity on, some one intentionally buys / sells equity at 3 PM or is it because options/futures execution causes that move?

If u are buying equity thats not a problem because u are buying it on fundamentals, but if u are shorting equity on 3 pm on expiry day , lots of things to remember, 3 stocks hdfc, reliance, itc are 3 stocks, which make 3 pm move and make nifty move here and there, if u want to short equity stock , u have only 15 min because equity stocks square of intraday at 3:15 pm, so keep eye on these 3 stocks