Reault based trading


How does the quarterly result of a company affect the stock price of a company

When does big player built positions in the market when a company is going to declare the result…??


Result based trading is complete waste of time and money. That’s all you need to know.


It all depends upon the company’s last 3-month performance which cannot be determined by the trader at the time of result. You need more info like this visit my site and fill the form: My Whatsapp Group


The truth is lots of traders are taking psychiatric treatment or even working in McDonald for a living after trading on Qtrly Result-day of a company.

Insiders and big stake holders who know the results in advance buy the stock a couple of month ago and dump heavily on the result day if the result is awesome. If they know the result is bad they sell their holdings at least a month in advance and buy heavily on the result day when retailers short sell on bad-result news.

My advice is have McDonald Burger instead of… and most importantly stay in your home instead of an asylum/mental hospital. And ya, stay-away from trading a stock on result day.


Looking at the last 3 consecutive Quarterly results of the company and expecting the same outcome to follow during the current quarter, institutions start building up positions a week before the results are announced.

This works on the reality that dumb money ( the new participants who have opened trading account this quarter ) will bring sufficient funds to feed the predators.

The new traders who opened trading account during the current Quarter thinks good quarterly results announced means time to buy and vice-versa. The predators use this stupidity of the new traders as the liquidity to square of their positions without impact cost :slight_smile:

The cycle continues every 4 months.