Receive dividend from Tata Communications but didn't get physical share certificate. What to do?

Hello fellow investors and traders, and @nithin
My dad had purchased shares of VSNL a long time ago. After the demerger, investors got shares of Tata Communications. We receive dividend from Tata Communications Ltd on 30shares(by cheque) but didn’t receive the physical certificate in all these years. I want to dematerialize these shares (don’t have the certificate)
What to do in this case to get the physical certificate, what’s the correct procedure?
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Vsnl -Tata merger was in 2008 and you are getting dividend by banking instrument means you hold physical shares .Recently as per a circular dated 20 APRIL ,2018 SEBI has made it mandatory to have KYC of all physical shareholders account so soon you will receive a KYC form too by registered post.
i do not know what was the process that time to issue shares of TC in exchange of Vsnl shares but normally in such cases shares are issued without asking for defunct company shares and if it was so in this case too you have to apply for a duplicate share certificate ,the process is very very cumbersome ,tedious ,expensive and time consuming.
please e mail the registrar @ [email protected] AND copy to [email protected] mentioning the folio no to know exact status.

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