Recommendation calls & tips


Hearing this the first time :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:
It is SBI.


oh ok… @Lets_Invest had mentioned vachana or some other tips provider in some other thread, so thought it is that.


These recommendations are from SBI Securities.


Which firm or company is this Vachana?


I got confused with my friend who was mentioning that name. Had heard from him that they give good recommendations.


Book profit @ 216.1


only 50paise? And due to less liquidity it maynot be easy to exit @ sharp 216.1 :smile:


Better than having loss :joy::joy::joy:
It is Rs.462 profit in ZINCMINI and Rs. 2499 profit in case of ZINC




Brought Maruti Suzuki Jan 9800 @ 121.5 now its around 75
What should i do …??.
Need suggestions strong text


Sell 10000 call @ 40… 3 lot


Struggling to sustain above 9500 Levels and facing Resistance at 9500.
Although Today Volumes were good in stock.
The moment it will break 9500 levels It will jump towards 9700-9800 levels.

Also Maruti has increased prices of its vehicles.

The domestic car sales, however, declined marginally to 1,58,326 units as against 1,58,617 units in December 2016, according to the data released by the Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM).

Few Recent Event related to Maruti.(Short term effect)

You can hold your position for not more than 3-4 Trading sessions if it not Goes in your favour.
As Expiry will come Near it will affect your Option Premium.

Although, You can also cover this by taking Counter Positions to cover your Loss And make it Neutral or Profitable.


How about Maruthi stocks holding 3-4 months


Thanks Shravan


SUNDARFIN Moving for Levels of 2100.
(Based on Chart Pattern & Data)


Thnnx :+1:t2:


Buy nifty 10700 PE , around 65-75 and sell it around 115-120






Certainly 284+ in on the cart in next few trading session, If Market remain bullish.