Recommended book size for i3 to be cost effective

Typically how can a trader decide if i3 is appropriate ? What kind of trade ticket size or trade volume size do you see from existing i3 clients ? What is the typical book size of clients who opt for i3 execution platform ?

Can someone please share if i3 can be replicated using Kite and the basic execution algos ?

i3 is offered by our vendor Thomson Reuters (ex - Omnesys). There were some issues with it, so they have for now stopped offering it to clients. Whenever they start, we will give this. The fixed cost for this will be upwards of Rs 15k per month, so I guess will make sense only if your account size is atleast 15 to 20lks.

Getting the execution algos that i3 offer on Kite is on our list of things to do. But this will take time. Bracket orders are the only thing available on Kite.