Redeem of Mutual Fund in Bank Account

Is there a way to do the redemption of Mutual Fund amount directly to Linked Bank Account?

I did a MF redemption recently and surprise to find that the redemption amount will only goes to Trading Account and not to Bank Account.

This adds up another day or 2 to already processing time of T+3.

@naveengarg ; i am in process to get 500 units of HDFC GROWTH OPPORTUNITIES FUND but facing lot of difficulties because of address change and above all the fund is saying that Redemptions will be effected post such updations only vide cheque i.e. electronic transfers will not be effected. it is very surprising in today’s ECS world and make it very clear that the fund want to use the money for about 15 days or so without any obligation…postal transit period and clearing period.

This is how HDFC AMC works :slight_smile:

I have stopped direct interaction with them. Only using Coin and MF Utility/CAMS

I suggest talk to CAMS and see if they are able to help.


Hello Nithin, is there anything that can be done here for reducing the redemption time for MF Units?

Let us know.


Redemption time is as per the AMC, nothing can be done about that. But we are working on ways to be able to allow fund withdrawals within same day from when there is a credit.

Thank you for the update. Will wait eagerly for the feature