Reduced brokerage and API costs

Is Zerodha planning to reduce brokerage and API costs, in the future or any other better deals for customers, to reduce trading costs…

Some brokers like Kotak have started giving away 0 FNO brokerage and free API.

Is it true that kotak has 0 brokerage for FnO ?
They charge 20 rs per order I think.

If everything goes to 0, how can the broker survive ?
They need to pay employees, run systems, pay thrid party etc.

Already equity delivery is 0, major source of revenue is by FNO brokerage only. Let’s say that they reduce it to 10 rs per order then their whole revenue will be down 50%. Atleast in the near future such things are not possible.

However they can reconsider or re discuss about API charges. In my opinion, API charges can be reduced a bit. It’s one of the highest in the industry. However I do not know any inside info, so its easy to tell like reduce this and that bla blah.
But you guys can atleast re discuss about this. (API charges)
What say @nithin @siva @Prayag @VenuMadhav ?

Both Kotak and Finvasia are having 0Rs FNO brokerages plus free APIs

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