Regarding Candlestick Pattern.

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I have a doubt regarding the candlestick pattern. Usually for a Bullish(Green) Candle, will the candlestick open’s at a price goes down - hit the low and rises or else after the Candlestick is opened, will it moves upwards and comes down for price correction?

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Closing price should always be higher than the opening price to form a Green Candle irrespective of Up or Down move throughout the timeframe.

No one can predict the price movement. The criteria for a bullish candle is simple, today’s close should be higher than the previous day’s close. If yes, its a bullish candle, else bearish.

This price movement can occur anytime, even towards the last couple of minutes to market close.

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Anything can happen given the volatility.
But bullish candle close should be higher than open. Wicks for high and low of the time frame.