Regarding daily Increase in margin


Image1 during Friday when position is open, Image 2 is as of Now

Query 1:

@ShubhS9 I need a small clarification regarding margin.
In the above Image I open a Nifty position on Friday which has both Option buy as well as writing.
which is needed in the above, Funds needed or margin Needed? . I wanted to held till expiry evening.

Query 2:

Assuming my position is in green since day 1 and still will expire in green, The margin shown when taking the position is enough or whatever margin shows today has to be held?

Query 3:

Why does the margin increase despite the position is in green. If IV is the reason for this, The sum of IV of all the strikes while opening the position and current IV remain the same. Would be glad if You could educate me on the factors or how and why the required margin is increasing day by day.

You can assume I hold 2 short and long positions .


Because of IV margin changes each day

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@Meher_Smaran any one from Zerodha?

  1. You need to maintain the margin required for the portfolio.
  2. Margin will change every day based on various factors. You need to maintain the margin which will be shown on the Kite funds page. Always it will be better to maintain a buffer margin of 5 to 10% to avoid any overnight risk of margin changes.
  3. SPAN calculation happens based on various factors. You can read here.
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So basically based on last few week expiry what I can see is If I have to take delivery and hold it till expiry the margin requirement is double the initial margin while taking position. So I have to take position with only half of the capital, else I have to do intraday.

@Ragavendran_M Thanks for your response. Tell me this alone, In sensibull it is showing margin required and funds required. which I have to maintain

Still my query is not answered, anyone?