Regarding RGESS

I have created a Demat account with Zerodha three months ago and trading since then.
I would like to invest in CPSE ETF and is it possible that only that fund to be locked under RGESS, so that I would be free to buy and sell other stocks? Or if I register my account as an RGESS account, is it like I cannot sell any of the investments (that are eligible under RGESS) that I make during that lock-in period?

RGESS tax benefits are available in CPSE ETF only if you are investing in the markets for the very first time. Since you have already been trading, your prospective investments in CPSE ETF will not be eligible for tax benefits.

So to answer your questions, you can do your normal trading even if you invest in CPSE.
Click here for instructions on how to apply. For more details about CPSE you can read it here.

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