Regarding SOKHI team Futures call feedback/review


Please share your experience of SOKHI/Cool brians team futures trading calls.



I had watched Sokhi Team YouTube videos, and I feel like this SARDAR is One of the few honest Stock Market GURUS in India.

Firstly he discourages people with less capital not to daytrade and secondly he focuses on compounding wealth through investing.

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Hey thanks. I actually got an honest review from a past college friend who is his lifetime member.
My friend is still in net huge loss in Futures trading since past 1.5 yrs. There are futures trades his clients are still holding since 6 months or so and they keep rolling over to next month expiry ( remember they are not booking losses…they are rolling over the positions…So if you ask for performance he will not show these trades as loss/profit is not yet booked)

But his equity recommendations have done decently well during last 1 yr bull run, but as said before the losses in Futures trading is quite high. There are futures trades like Lupin, Sintex, Jindal, BEML, South Indian bank that have horribly gone wrong as he doesn’t have a stop loss mechanism in leveraged trades.

Also, he has marketed his channel quite well with some content to come across as a sophisticated trading and investment professional


Trading is a Business.

Do you ask others to take the decisions in your Business? I will not.

Focusing on building a Profitable trading strategy is good way to settle in this Business.

If you have other business/Job simply do not choose Trading. Simply invest in ETF .


Thanks for your unsolicited advise bro. I had only asked for review of a particular advisory company here and nothing else :slight_smile:


Sokhi is not different than any other tips provider. losses in his trade are too huge. i had a loss of over 12lacs , he is shows only profitable trades in his videos and emails. but please stay away from him, most of his clients are in huge loss.

Yes, buddy you right. His futures and option trading is a complete jhoomla

Parag can I get you where I can talk .

bhagwan ko hee malum sachai kya , one trader whom i spoke recently said, definitely go ahead.

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yes [email protected]

@Dhruv_JC Can you tell what was ur decision finally about it? If possible kindly provide your email id.

I didn’t join his channel

My opinion - never follow any advisors be it in trading/investing. This is based on my life experience. Few years back I had started such services with 3 different guys (one of them is highly reputed) but all of them managed to put me in losses. Then i realized that to be profitable you have to work hard, decide your risk capital for trade, put rest for proper investment. The important thing in all this is to have a strong backtested strategy which it took me 5 yrs & now happy that it’s generating my regular income & capital appreciation.

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sokhi is a big fraud , i had a loss of 12lacs trading on his whims. if you are ready for a huge loss then go ahead and join.


Sokhi is the biggest fraudster. He will never show his losses. I have lost more than 8 lakhs because of this Rasca*l

Please elaborate your story so that others would be saved.

Yes u are absolutely right even I too had huge loss, because he don’t trade with SL.

I too had a huge loss of 4 lakhs when trading in futures
Person who asked question or who 3vwn want to take risk think first.