Regarding today's move in Nifty/Banknifty


Please share your thoughts…what do you feel about today’s move in Nifty and BNF. Can this continue?

Honestly, I failed to anticipate this movement in the first half of the day.

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This is sort of normal always trade BNF as if it can move +/- 300pts anytime. i.e. with set stoploss.

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no one can say / anticipate intraday move ( except ULTRA HNI), if someone say he knew, he is bluffing.


@vijendra @dhruv Keep strict stoploss in Nifty between 50 to 60 point & in banknifty 100 to 120 points for intrady…no other way to protect your capital…

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I have seen this trend reversal in banknifty often during expiry days. During morning session, the index will be up by more than 200 points and as time goes by after 2.50 pm you can see the index in red upto 100 points down making a movement of around 300 points intraday.

I believe it is the call or put buyers manipulating the market to make their position profitable during expiry day.

I was expecting the market to move down today tracking global indices. But the market moved opposite even after BJP losing the bypoll.

Also both Fii sold shares and dii sold shares today.

This is probably a bull trap or some people expecting the market to boom in earnings season in April

I think we should be cautious till banknifty reach 27000 or till the end of earnings season.

For example an increase in profit say 20% by a private sector bank will definitely move the banknifty index higher. If this profit details was leaked by an insider, then we can see the index going up even before the earnings announcement.

After that it will be an easy ride right? LOL

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As I said, we can expect banknifty to make 300 +/- points every Thursday. Or if there is a good or bad news or depending on global market or profit booking.

On a normal day, it is rare for banknifty to move 300 points intraday that too in the opposite direction of global trend.

As you said, as a trader we should always expect the unexpected.

what i feel is market should go down from this level … as per my analysis expiry will be below 10300 … I am holding 10600 PE one lot and 10500 PE on lot…LOng term equity holders may upload therir holdings before march end …to save 10% LTCG tax… it further pull down the market…any views are welcome

@vijender88 can you please explain this topic to me

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You mean the ULTRA HNI? I am interested too to know how they identify market direction

Intraday only works in MCX… i heard that Intraday equity markets are manipulating markets

@vijender88 man… dont take it wrong sense but your communication skills is zero

they don’t identify direction, they create directions for market.

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@vijender88 markets trend can’t be changed in one day its take 3 months minimum time

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you need to read it again bro, it’s direction not trend
also the topic is intraday, read before suggesting.

opps u r right vijendra Singh