Regarding trading Nippon niftybees

Can I trade Nippon niftybees intraday and do BTST …
If yes will it be just like I buy and sell stocks or is there anything else I need to know ?

Why not Nifty futures?

I think YES. And it will be just like trading in any other stock on inteaday basis
However, I’m not sure if MIS is allowed in ETF or a trader has to bring all money himself and place a CNC order
But buying/selling on same day is allowed and it’s treated as intraday order for calculating charges and taxes

You can do Intraday as well as BTST trades in NiftyBeeS ETF. Everything is same as trading in stocks.

MIS order can be placed for NiftyBees ETF, you can check all the stocks that are available for MIS here.