Regular vs Direct Plan calculation coin Zer0dha


Assuming normalized values, let’s say expense ration of Direct = 1% and Regular = 2%.

Does Direct expense ratio include Rs.50/month or this is excluded?
If it is excluded then it means, we have to pay 600/year(obviously after 25000) till the tenure ends and in the end, we have to pay 1% expense charge on an addition to our capital.

Expense ratio belongs to FundHouse/AMC.
50 rupees per month is charged by Zerodha, for their services.
So, that’s not included in expense ratio.

In case, If you don’t want to pay for this convenience and single screen view, and if you can maintain multiple usernames/passwords/screens, there are many free avenues like mfuindia, camsonline, fund house website, etc.