Relaince capital is it worth to buy

is it worth to buy relaince capital share at this level.

Wait a week, You’ll find an even better level. One more week, it will be tempting. Few like weeks like this, you couldn’t differentiate among the prices of ADAG companies( like Rel Power, RCOM,Rel Capital).

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Sum of stock prices of all ADAG superstar stocks will be in single digit soon

Never invest Ambani company including reliance industries, because global will shift to alternative energy like electric, India will be fast so oil demand will fall globally , so reliance is seeing alternative income in jio , telecom is the tough competition going on reliancevwill never become long term from now I believe

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I agree :100:%

If you want to invest your hardearned mony buy NIFTYBEES AND BANKBEES your money will protected yearly 15% you will get in long term CAGR sleep peacefully


Bro :rofl::rofl::rofl:

My day time nightmare,

After a good dreamy night, next morning i attempted RCOM @ around 99. Waiting got longer and longer till another temptation occured at 75. Some weeks later, my inner soul curiously averaged near 65 and 55. More of the confidence grew and another holy grail attempted to force me for its stake at 18, then lastly at 12. Now i say, oh oh oh. It was a very good investment attempt. Only its promoters were bad. Now its again tempting me @ 0.70, its lifetime best price. :joy::rofl::money_mouth_face:

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