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Can anyone help me to know the full form of IVP and its meaning as it is commonly used term by option traders

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IVP stand for Implied Volatility percentile is a ranking method to compare implied
volatility to its past values. The ranking is standardized to 0-100
where 0 is the lowest value in recent history and 100 is the highest
value. This value tells us how high or low the current value is compared
with the past.

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just adding to what @lotus mentioned…Implied volatility percentile (IV percentile) tells you the percentage of days in the past when stock’s IV was lower than its current IV…Lets say current IV is 35 and IVP is 70…then it implies that over last 1 year 70 % of the days…the stock’s IV was less than 35%


yes that’s correct @chiragjp :slight_smile:

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@lotus and @chiragjp , thanks for the good explanations about IV.

Does anyone know about any Data Vendor who provides the IV and other greeks data for all NSE Option Symbols on a daily basis. Authorized Data vendors like GFDL and TrueData etc. do not provide such data in any of their packages. I am wondering if there are other data vendors who might be providing such information on payment basis. I do not want to scrap it from websites etc. I want proper data on daily basis.

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Dear @4autotrading,
Please visit this link.

Look on Asian EOD tab.

you will get IV & greeks.