Relation between Financial Result and Stock Price

Yesterday (May 7 2019), came Q4 Announcement for Mahindra Logistics as follows.

Mahindra Logistics Q4: Consolidated profit rises to Rs 23.91 crore versus Rs 20.88 crore; revenue increases to Rs 1,014.7 crore versus Rs 892.66 crore YoY.

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But, Today (May 8 2019), the performance of Mahindra Logistics in NSE is as follows

Mahindra Logistics Ltd


473.00 INR −28.20 (5.63%)

Is there any other factor which overweighed the Financial Result of Mahindra Logistics. If so, specify the factor and explain about it

if result miss estimate then stock is likely to fall.

but its not that simple and not always the case. lots of variable at play. you have to analyze further.

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