Relevent year in for building mindset around chart patterns

I want to build my mindset around chart patterns for BankNifty. I use Gocharting so that I can identify whether I’m good enough at capturing trends. I’m doing paper trading before using actual capital
Should I begin practicing from 2016 or from 2019?
In my opinion markets are different as volatility has increased from 2019

before taking trades I fill this table

Why? II Entry II Exit II Call/Put II Profit/Loss II

What is your opinion on this?

The longer duration you practice the more data you will have. You will see how your strategy works in different market environment. Market is ever changing landscape. If you have been in different environments you will able to handle better when again things change.
I am also new to the markets. This is what i have understood from what i have read and from senior members of this forum.

Come on man.

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Says the man who gets his mind blown almost on a daily basis :grin:

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