Reliable 4g connection for trading?

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I have faced issues with Vodafone network twice (in middle of intra day trade) in last 3 months. So this is not reliable

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Thanks for the reply …
which kind of issue you faced?

This is area specific. In my area all airtel to idea to voda fail and only
jio gives reliable connection.
In congested area bsnl 3g wayyyy better than any 4g

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First time No network for 2 hrs. Today network down for 30 mins


it depends on your network coverage area.

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If a provider cannot give reliable connection in a metro city, in an area having lots of IT parks, it is certainly a bad provider. Strike 3 for Vodafone today. No Internet (but full 4g bars) from I reached office.

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Thanks to Reliance JIO, no more problems with Internet broadband.

Switched to JIOFI broadband from BSNL landline broadband.

Reliance started to positively impact the quality of life for Indians with their utility services. Fantastic.

Salute to Ambani Family, for making life a lot more easier for the rest of Indians too.

Looking forward for their DTH service.

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My bad. My unlimited pack expired but received no sms on that. No issues on internet today after recharge. So it’s just 2 strikes. :grin:

Have you tried switching to 3g manually on your phone settings, when the 4g network gets congested?