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Over the years, I have used multiple trading platforms from various companies including ShareKhan, Zerodha and India Infoline.

I have seen frequent, momentary freezes of these trading applications. Each time I have been told that there is nothing wrong with their application or steaming. I have tried these softwares over various internet connections including dedicated 1:1 pipe.

I presume that this is an issue with the broker’s servers which must be getting choked and hence the freezes.

Considering that my presumption is accurate, my question is “Which is the most reliable trading platform in terms of consistent and fast streaming of real-time quotes?” In case I am wrong, please feel free to correct me.

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P.S: In support of the point I have made above; I also use AmiBroker with data feed from GDFL. I have noticed that when the trading platforms freeze momentarily, GDFL feed is happily ticking away (streaming) :slight_smile:


Mangesh, I really don't agree with what you have said above, regarding the reliability/smoothness of different trading platforms. My observations are ZT Nest is fast enough and recently I have seen that Pi is faster than ZT Nest (I have used only these two platforms). 

I use Pi regularly, that too on a 2G Idea Mobile Internet Connection (Android Phone connected to my PC by USB Cable, and USB Tethered). It works like charm, never freezes or stops as such, very rarely minor glitches do crop up, but it's ok.

My suggestion to you:

  • Format your PC, reinstall windows and Pi
  • If you are not in a position to format, then delete internet cache files, temporary files, extra junk that is on your PC.
  • Install and use any good AntiVirus, I'm using K7.
  • Keep minimum number of scrips/index open in market watch in Pi (5 to 6 are good)
  • Keep preferably only one chart open at any given time in Pi.
  • Before logging out of Pi, close any open charts that you have open in Pi, what happens is the next time when you log into Pi, it will open really fast.
  • Don't keep any browsers/applications/windows open when Pi is open.
  • Don't surf, when Pi is open.

Please note: (I'm using Windows 7 Starter pack, 2 GB RAM, AMD Sempron Processor clocking at 2.80 Ghz and Idea Mobile 2G Internet Data Connection and simultaneously there is Amibroker open, along with a live data feed. - Pi works like charm)

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Well, the issue is not with hardware or browsing simultaneously. I do have state of the art hardware and a super fast internet connection. I am referring to momentary freezes that happen at random intervals during the day. Further, if I have multiple platforms open (different brokers), I do notice that when one platform freezes the other does not :slight_smile:

How long does it freeze? And how many times in an Hour?

The freeze is very random. At times, 2 - 3 times an hour and at times maybe once in an entire day!
When it freezes, it freezes anywhere between 3 - 10 seconds.

Kite also freezes…Not quick.Pi is much better than kite.