Reliance Industries Limited

I have RIL physical shree and my father name on shree certificates and my father recently passed away. So what can i do now. Contact me. 9099889181

If you have inherited physical shares of a deceased person, and you want to de-materialize it, you have to contact the Company’s RTA (Registrar and Transfer Agency) and get the name on company records changed to your name as per your Demat account.

You can read more about the process involved here.

@sarthak_patel Sorry to hear about your loss. May his soul rest in peace and God gives you and your family strength.

Since you are holding the physical shares under your father’s name, as @Shruthi mentioned, you have to dematerialize the same in your name by contacting Kfintech which is their RTA.

The address, phone number, and email address is mentioned on RIL website:

Please contact Kfintech so they can guide you further.

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