Reliance Industries

Could you please tell me whether the share price will go up tomorrow i.e on 21/01/2020 ?

Dear if we knew, :roll_eyes: do you think we would be here? :joy:


Tomorrow is anniversary of 21 Jan 2008 also beware :joy::rofl::joy:

Never take a position in which you have to worry and ask about what will happen tomorrow :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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In the event of the lack of market noise and if the day is less prone to outside prompts, do not expect a sharp movement in either direction.
I would say that 1500 acts as immediate support and the stock will not fall drastically after breaching 1500 either.
For an intraday trade, I would ride the trend keeping 1510 and 1560 as price points.

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i think it will stay above 1520 for atleast 1 more week… Dont know after that…