Reliance Liquid Fund - Dir - Growth vs Reliance ETF Liquid BeES

Can we buy Reliance Liquid Fund - Dir - Growth Instead of Reliance ETF Liquid BeES for Overnight Fund Parking & Quick Margin ?

Because there i have to spend 1000 for 1 Unit and in Liquid Fund minimum 100 can be parked.

Please consider

@nithin @Bhuvanesh

@venu ++

That would be smart because redeeming Reliance Liquid Fund would incur zero cost as redemption is now free on Coin whereas selling Liquidbees involves cost. Also Liquid Fund Growth would give better returns than Liquidbees which give daily dividends post DDT.
I see only one demerit that Liquidbees give you instant liquidity whereas Reliance Liquid Fund would take T+1 for fund to get credited to your trading account.

That is what I am saying … But @nithin or @rupeshmandal (concern person) can you try to give instant margin on behalf off liquid fund?

Will take some time.

once pledging a liquid debt MF is possible, can this margin be also used for equity delivery orders?

ICICI Prudential Overnight Fund: Growth([* Potential earnings more than savings account]

Can i get margin on this? @Bhuvanesh

Not yet, but you can in the next couple of days.

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