Relinfra in nse and bse

Date 31st july:
Who/WHY is buying
relinfra @ 48.30/= in NSE ;;;
Because it is available @ 46.55/= in BSE ???

I mean what is the sense or logic ???

Institutions buying as they need huge quantity

Then they should buy from bse where cheap price is available. But not from nse where the price is dear .
I mean when cheap price is available then why buy at dear price ?

You should check the market depth to see the number of offers(sell orders) in BSE. You wont find many at 46.55. There might have been a stray market order at 46.55 that has resulted in the LTP.
If there was an actual arbitrage, algos would have covered it in a matter of seconds(or minutes)

It is always cheaper to buy -sell at BSE in terms of expenses charged but big volume is a big issue hence nse generates volume . if you have noticed all buybacks , d listing offers and open offers have settlement exchanges only and only BSE .

if BSE is cheaper to buy~sell ; then why people go to NSE ?
if people go to BSE then BSE will have big volume ; if people go to NSE then NSE will have big volume !
BUT , if BSE is cheaper to buy~sell ; then why people go to NSE ?

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