Renko chart in pi is not good


i am using renko chart in pi for trading currency (usd/inr). But the chart is too much delayed. Renko in kite is good, but box size starts from only 0.05. But I need a box size of minimum 0.005 for trading currency. Is there any solution for this.

hElLO tRaDeR,

Could you please try it again.

As the box size option comes up on selecting renko charts from the drop down menu, enter as 0.005

Out of interest, I tried it out on my side and it seems to be working out.

Let me know the results.

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i tried it worked for me
Can you please explain me whats this box size option ???
how adding different numberes benifit us ???

The box size represents the drawing value of each bar 1 = 1 rupee and 0.05 = 5 paise
Easy to understand Renko chart documentation link on this post:

Hi many thanks can u pls tell me how to load Renko Chart in pi