(request) Add Alert ( like in Pi ) for kite mobile app

as a trader its difficult for us to watch/check markets whole day for hours . it would really great if we can have this very important alert feature in kite mobile just like in Pi .

we can get alerted when stocks/indices touch customised technical parameters & take decisions quickly.

if not , then turn pi into mobile app so we can have this important feature.



If we can add alerts in Kite on Web and Pi. Nothing like it.
(Bell/Email) etc. could be other options to consider.


pi has bell alert option but its only available as windows software . we have to be logged & near laptop all the time that defeats purpose.
it can solve biggest problem if kite email/bell/notification alert is available in web/mobile app . if sms alert is available it would be icing on cake

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Requested very dearly in past
No response yet :sweat:


i guess they must be very busy with other projects or not in their priority list . lets hope for best :slight_smile:

meanwhile i’m using 3rd party app like investing where we can set email price alert

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This seems to make a lot of sense, saving time rather than surfing through untiringly.


but let say i want set a sms alert for 5EMA cross over to 20EMA vicer versa, how to do that?
Any paid software for that?

I do find alert service is really important. at least on price based alert is really useful.

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investing just provides price / volume based alerts.
there are apps / service but havn’t checked/ tried any of paid apps .