Request advise in regards to best way to invest securely and with some interest if possible as Margin money in Zerodha Funds account!!!

What is the best secure mode (if possible with some interest) to keep Margin money in Zerodha Funds?

Received advise earlier that it’s better to keep idle funds in a Liquid Mutual fund as it is secure, liquid and also offers some interest.

Also kindly advise whether margin money kept in such liquid fund will be taken as collateral by Zerodha for option trading?

Is there any percentage of funds counted as Margin money or before taking trade have to redeem the necessary funds and put in Zerodha Funds??

Can invest in liquidbees or liquid mutual funds and pledge it to trade in fno while earning interest on them.Most safest is liquid bees. Liquid collateral is treated as cash only, no extra cash is required. But better keep some cash as buffer to maintain daily m2m losses if any.

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