Request for the features that can be included in kite or Pi

I loved kite! but i think some features makes it more and more powerful.


A typical notes feature in holdings section for each stock in portfolio like google sheets.(right click > Add notes).
This helps us remember stuffs about that stock after some days / Months.

Price Alerts

This feature is must for people who are not always watching the market.
This will help us to buy / sell additional shares of stock.

Market Scanner

A market scanner like “investar” or better than tat would be so helpful to scan entire stocks of NSE atleast.
Pi cannot scan entire market and our systems are not that capable may be.
The relay has to be from superfast computers to kite or pi, without any delay, just like investar software or better than that.
Small case is not helpful for swing traders.
A simple scanner for bullish engulf ||| LTP (> or < ) than previous day/hour/30,15,10,5,1 minute ||| Current Volume > or < than previous day/hour/30,15,10,5,1 minute.

Let me know if am wrong and if there are any ways to tackle this.


Great suggestions. I hope these & many other suggestions that are pouring in will come through ASAP.