Request for Tradescript code for below Condition Zerodha Pi


I have very basic requirement for Zerodha Pi – TradeScript Code:


  1. EMA 20 crossing EMA 50 from below = BUY with sound alert
  2. EMA 20 crossing EMA 50 from above= SELL with sound alert
  3. Target 1- if 100 point plus from the BUY or SELL with sound alert
  4. If Target not met, continue with condition 1 and 2

I should be able to run in any timeframe.
I should be able to change the EMA value as per requirement.
I should be able to change the Target 1 value as per requirement

Many thanks for your assistance in this request.

Hi All,

Can anyone take a look at my request/conditions and confirm if this is something possible in PI or using trade script language? if not, i would ask the query in Amibroker forum.

But i am confident that the above can be accomodated in PI.

Please urgently advise.


3rd request…



Use the codes in Zerodha Pi Expert Advisor for sound alerts.

Not Supported.

To be define manually in the Scanner Settings.

Edit the above codes, with the parameters you require.

Out of Context.