Request to add a small but useful feature

I use KITE most of the time, say all the time; due to it’s simplicity. It is amazing.

I’m curious if following suggestion you can implement… But, if done; it will be very useful.

In KITE’s ‘Positions’ and ‘Holdings’ screens, is it possible to add field/s where user’s can feed their target & stop-loss prices? It will make it very comfortable for traders to track their P&L of positions, specially when multiple trades are to be tracked.

And, if these values are saved on server, it will be great; because then they can reflect on PC as well as Androids also…


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What action you want to take based on these stop and target prices ? What Server should do with this data?

I believe he just wants to keep it there for him to see and monitor the performance. Not a bad idea IMO.

Sometimes people take trades based on recommendations. There, having the Target and SL for self note could be nice. As he mentioned, this is not something he can’t live without, but good if that happens :smiley:

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@singhnsk … Agree with you… It’s for personal tracking, mainly tracking of tips OR self set Goals based on some computations & risk apetite. :slight_smile:

Server just holds these values… so that if these values are set in Kite on PC, they are available across Kite-android & all other platforms… Of course for using them, Zerodha will have to update relevant apps & websites.

I’m keeping all that on XL-sheet. but wasn’t able to track online… But recently came across KiteXL, I’m going to try it for Automated execution of SL & Target orders… This may be little delayed trades sent, but I feel It’s better then BO/CO,

Good Day…