Request to change font colour in kite 3

I had requested earlier for change in font colour in the dark platform as well as make the font slightly bold in white platform in kite 3.
The font colour in the dark background is in blue and not contrasting. If the purpose of change is for people like me to view without difficulty, then the idea of a blue font will not serve the purpose. Instead an Ivory colour or white colour can be most useful to view. Similarly in white background please please make the font bold. It is so thin and difficult for people like me to view. Please kindly make these two changes.
One more request is we had Multi charts facility in kite 2. Now it is withdrawn. Can you please include that in kite 3 again?

Please make these changes please.

check this

Agreed we need atleast an option to have slightly thicker font on kite… it’s very thin. And the bar charts bars are also very thin on kite…its very hard on eyes.