Requesting to keep essential features of sensibull free for Zerodha users

I lately noticed the removal of features to Zerodha users by Sensibull. I atleast expect them to let us add trades to existing positions and see the payoff diagram, but that was removed. Also I am not allowed to change trade quantity in analyze screen during position open. I mean, I selected options from option chain, now I just want to increase the lots, please let me do that.

This request is not to sensibull and but to Zerodha. Option traders already pay lot of brokerage to Zerodha. Could Zerodha somehow make a deal with sensibull and keep these essential features available to free users? Experienced option traders may not need this but beginners need this to understand their position and come out profitably.

I just hope Sensibull allows traders to add trades to existing positions and let us change quantity in strategy builder.

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It is not possible. It will adversely affect their revenue.