Retail investors perception on Agri commodity derivatives

Hello every one

I am Chinatamani Anil Desai. Studying at CCS National Institute of Agriculture Marketing, Jaipur. I am working on a project related to Retail investors in Agri Commodity derivatives.

I wish to invite you to participate in this survey. I Know your time is precious; It will take 5-7 minutes maximum to complete the survey.

All the information collected through this survey will be only used for research purposes.

I have attached the link of google form which needs to be filled by you about your perception on Investment in Agri commodity derivatives. It’s my humble request to fill this form sincerely that will aid in my project.

To give retail investors perception click here

I have no clue about commodity trading and thought it would be interesting to answer the questionnaire, but unfortunately had to let go in between as it was beyond me. I feel this is for people who have some knowledge about commodity trading and not for a novice or a first timer.

My personal view only, I am sure you will get the better informed to answer the questionnaire.

All the best

Thank you very much for your kind response.

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