Retention statement clarification, any demo statment would be great

Received Retention statement from Zerodha today for 24/10/2017.

At the end it shows -

Transaction Total X (Debit) Y (Credit)
Closing balance 0 (Debit) Z( credit)

So do I get Z credited to my bank account ?
Why is the 24/10 statement sent now ?
What are the ‘Types’ - JV, BR, BV
Costcenter - EQ, BSE ?
Voc. No ? Voc Date ?
Settlement value for ‘123145’ What is this number ?
There is a ‘Cr’ after net amount values ? what is that ?

How do I map this retention statement with daily contract notes ?

I’d suggest you to read the post below:

Yes, I checked that. That is like a definition page. But the question for more related to the specifics of such statement.

So, this is what a retention statement looks like as per NSEs guidelines.

The terms and scenarios are explained in this NSE Annexure

I am sorry but what I received as retention statement is nothing like this NSE Annexure. It is totally vogue. Where do I find the abbreviation details used in the Zerodha retention statement.