Review list of stock allowed to trade on margin


@siva I tried to trade SINTEX on margin today, but KITE did not allow me to do it saying that MIS orders are not allowed on it. However, I found it on the list

Please review the list and keep it current so that it matches what is allowed to be MIS traded or not, otherwise the list is of no USE.


@MohammedFaisal Can you.


Hi @siva, @MohammedFaisal has removed Sintex from the list… but the intention should be to go through the entire list and cleanup, just to name MANGTIMBER is there in the list though margin trading is not allowed, “QUALITY WORK” is required…not an “YES BOSS” work.


We appreciate your feedback and will get the complete list updated at the earliest.

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VIJAYA BANK which is no more traded is still there as part of the list :joy:


When can this be completed?

@Nikhil.A, @nithin need your attention on this please.

Thank you.


Will get it checked.