Review on Spider Iris+ and FoxTrader


If anyone can give review on the Spider Iris+, i have taken a demo seems okey but can’t do autotrading from it.

Have seen few videos on Foxtrader (Believe Upstox is offering it), would like to know if anyone has used it, whats their take on it.

Thanks & Regards,

Hello,I am using FoxTrader.Upstox .I have already enjoyed my free subscription,now paid client .Using NFO & MCX segments.
I have heard FoxTrader is also tied up with BMA Wealth,Trade smart Online ,Finvasia, SMC Global,Berkeley,Ashlar.
It is a nice treat to avail free month subscription.Also they are providing premium version as a part of free trial.
One should grab opportunity and atleast check what they are providing in Free trial!!