Revision in quantity freeze limits for Index Derivatives and inclusion of 8 securities in F&O segment

The quantity freeze limits for Index Futures and Options contracts will be revised and come into effect from 1st October 2021. You can check the announcement from the exchange here.

Below are the old and new quantity freeze limits:

Sr. No Index Symbol Old Limits in Quantity Old Limits in Lots New Limits in Quantity New Limits in Lots
1 NIFTY 2800 56 1800 36
2 BANKNIFTY 2500 100 1200 48
3 FINNIFTY 2800 70 1800 45

Along with this, NSE will be introducing Futures and Options contracts on 8 new securities. The contracts will be available for trading from 1st October 2021. You can check the announcement from the exchange here.

Below is the list of securities being added to the F&O segment:

Sr No Security Name Symbol
1 Abbott India Limited ABBOTINDIA
2 Crompton Greaves Consumer Electricals Limited CROMPTON
3 Dalmia Bharat Limited DALBHARAT
4 Delta Corp Limited DELTACORP
5 The India Cements Limited INDIACEM
6 JK Cement Limited JKCEMENT
7 Oberoi Realty Limited OBEROIRLTY
8 Persistent Systems Limited PERSISTENT

What they are still narrowing it down ? Why are they doing this ?
I won’t be surprised even if they say that the freeze limit is 1 lot next time.

fii are selling, less liquidity in market this creates pressure, to make dii easily absorb pressure and not create knee jerk movement which will trigger algo

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Mazak ban gaya hai ye…

For BN, wasn’t it always 1200??? correct me if im wrong but even earlier i wasnt allowed to trade more than 1200 qty (Options) in one order, right?

Yes for Bank Nifty earlier limit was 1200. Revision has been to quantity freeze limits of Nifty, highlighted in bold letters.

Nothing hurts me more than this 2nd revision of the maximum lots.

This Quantity limit SUCKS… :grimacing: :disappointed:Zerodha should bring in a function which allows us to order larger sizes in a single order… Basket order while placing multiple max quantity lots not at all sustainable. :pray:

can I exit position with single order if I have more than 1800 quantity ?

No, you can buy or sell only 1800 quantities in one order. For more, you will have to place another order. You can use the basket orders feature to easily place multiple orders. More here.

@MohammedFaisal, can we have some feature where our order enters/exits in one go even if the quantity is more than the prescribed limit? Please don’t suggest Basket Order as that also involves multiple clicks, need something which exits and enters with just one click.
Of course, you can charge whatever the brokerage maybe. Personally, I’m even willing to pay slightly extra for this…


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The only way to do this is to place multiple orders at one time (basket order). Instead of a customer creating a manual basket, we can potentially create basket orders in the backend. This is on our list of things to do, not for the market but limit orders.

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@nithin To make it clear , suppose i want to place 10000 quantity of bank nifty …i wont have to do it manually right . when can we expect this ?

We need some approvals to be able to offer this product. Can’t give you a timeline yet.

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Ok thanks, but please consider doing it for normal orders as well, at least for index options. The way market is moving the past few days (or even during ‘normal’ days), you want to be able to enter/exit as quickly as possible, and that’s not possible with limit orders.
Like yesterday, I was holding 3600 quantity of sold Nifty options, and I tried to exit quickly when the market moved against me. Even though the the two buy orders of 1800 quantity were placed one after the other (maybe a gap of 2-3 secs as per exchange), the price difference was 0.35, whereas with a single click exit, it wouldn’t have been this much (and these were OTM options btw).
Even if the price difference is 0.05 & quantity 1800, the difference is Rs 90 for a single trade, add this across a series of trades each day, you can get how much difference a single click exit would make.
I know scaling up is a big challenge, but 1800 quantity is just ridiculously low…

@nithin and Team Zerodha thanks for the Iceberg feature… :star_struck: :+1: :+1: :slightly_smiling_face: :pray:


Thanks :slight_smile:

Linking the post here for others as well. We will announce this in the next couple of days to all customers.