Ril reliance industries fall on Aug 29

Any idea why RIL fell so much today?

What about tomorrow? Any target plus or minus?

After eating 10 pizzas, will you ask why am I getting stomach ache?


I converted my intraday to delivery

Tomorrow gap up or down?

You were long intraday?

Why would you go long intraday on a stock which has risen for 20 days?

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Reliance mein aaj se, Batti Gul Meter chalo hogaya…

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It was exactly not intraday sir…it was a margin buy where i put 100 percent margin but i used to keep open position and square off if in profit. I did it past few days regularly. Today as it went down i converted to delivery. Broker executed only because i paid 100 percent margin upfront in morning itself.

RSI indicator showed overbought zone but still i went ahead as it is anyhow a blue chip company which we can rely upon long term

If you have not taken extra margin, then just wait for your price

Yes its a blue chip and IMO one of the top 3 blue chips going forward, so there is nothing to panic

And as you follow technicals hope you would know when you can average if you can going forward

Why i was surprised was the way u asked ‘Why RIL fell’ whereas most sane people are asking ‘Why RIL (Nifty) is not falling’?

No actually i am not that great in analysis and thanks for pointing out few things…

So tomorrow fall will continue? My guess is after Aug expiry another rally to 1400 expected…

Please throw some light…

No idea I dont consider myself good enough to predict short term price movement, but logically fall should continue more sessions.

But I do understand RIL is one of top blue chips for an investor going forward, thus failing intraday in that is not as much grave as it may go back to your buy price sooner or later.

HDFCs are resting not due to RIL but I feel due to ICICI and SBI AXIS

Maybe those stocks take the baton from RIL to move forward :slight_smile:

But I also do agree its time HDFCs move, operators have made fools of retail traders in this month anyways in HDFCs.

As short term, medium and long term trend for RIL is up, you could consider doing pyramiding here. If you don’t know about pyramiding and inverse pyramiding then you should google abt it.

I’ve been buying RIL for almost 2months now. Really good rally. A lot of profit booking yesterday (Heavy volumes yesterday) and the general market trend being down yesterday may have made RIL go down.

LOL? General market trend being down didnt take RIL down, but it was the other way round


Shares of oil-to-telecom behemoth Reliance IndustriesNSE -1.56 % have been on a tear of late, but Jefferies is not so sanguine on the stock’s prospects as its target price of Rs 880 implies a potential downside of 32% from current levels. The firm has an underperform rating on Reliance Industries.

Please keep this news in mind also to decide your averaging or exit in coming days.

I personally dont pay any heed to brokerage targets. But it’s always good to be cautious, and it’s good to have all news info also.

RIL will Still fall, but rise after 1st week of September.

Jeffries rating was old . they just rerated. With net profit and net revenue up by huge 17 percent & 56 perc . this report of Jeffrey is junk report and anyone can say that if we read the qualitative clauses they use.

Further there are two scrips which can punish shorters any time TCS and RIL without any warning. So let’s stay invested and add more

After all when RIL fails whole nifty shakes.

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