Risk of Overnight holding securities


I bought 100 shares of Reliance at 1250 for delivery with a Stoploss at 1230 in 1st April 2019.After T+2 days I got the shares in my demat account. However next day market opened at 1200,my SL was 1230,at what price I will book my loss. Is it at my SL price(1230) or opened price(1200).

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Are all guys in Sleep mode? So many people saw but no body replied.


If you are okay with booking loss at current market price, place a sell order at market price.

Your SL order on previous day is only valid for that day. I don’t think it will be maintained in your order book everyday. Even if it is maintained, in this case it will not be triggered because open price is much lower than your SL. Also there is no buyer at your SL price.

As you are taking delivery of equity there is no time limit or expiry. If you feel the stock will bounce back, you can hold and wait for the target.

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Stop loss? In kite for delivery product you cannot put stop loss for next day. Your question is for next day open? right?

Those 100 shares will still exists in your account with 5000 loss @ current market price 1200. Your stop loss order will be cancelled on the same day after market closed. Because in kite you don’t have stop loss for over night positions i guess.


@anubhab22100. Yeah! I just woke up with your post of alarm. :money_mouth_face:


If I place direct from terminal rather than kite, shall I can create a SL order?


Thank you Anand & Redd. Much appreciated.