Risk of short delivery on BTST

Suppose I buy 20 shares of X at rs 100 today. Tomorrow morning, I sell all 20 at Rs 110, then when prices are low, I buy back 20 at 90.
In this kind of trade, am I exposed to the risk of Short delivery?

Also does the chance of being exposed to short delivery depend on when you did the trade? Like if you had bought the shares late in the day on the previous day, are the chances of getting exposed to short delivery more?

@Not_Intrepid : your purchase of 20 shares on july 04 @100 will be a delivery trade . this will be credited to your demat on july 08 evening as per t plus 2.
your sale of July 05 @110 and purchase of same quantity same day @90 will be intra day trade .
in above situation there is no exposer to any short delivery risk.