Robert kiyosaki

what are your thoughts about this man

What are your thoughts?

Yeah what are your thoughts?

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who is this man that i should have thoughts on him

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As a book writer, I would say he is good .He wrote the book Rich Dad,Poor Dad which has guided many to think out of the box related to personal financing. I truly believe this book should be read by 7th or 8th grader.As an investor or trader , he is just a fear mongerer which no understanding of nuances of financial market (which lead to selling his books). His only assets are Gold,silver and Real Estate and rest are fugazi and he is crying for doomsday crash (biggest financial crash in history) since 2012. So , don’t take him seriously.


I take it you read rich dad poor dad written by him and wondering if it’s sham!

Personally I think his real estate bussiness and the way he says use debt & manage debt is a joke. But his principles are:-

  1. Poor just live to pay expenses, no asset or liabilities

  2. Middle class buy more liabilities

  3. Rich buy assets to stay rich

  4. Difference between asset and liability

  5. Schools never teach about money. Education system is retarded learning. Never teach about budgeting , taxes etc

  6. Cash flow patterns between self employed, employed , bussiness owner and investor/ trader. Self employed & employed exchange more time and pay taxes. Bussiness owner Pays less taxes and employs ppl to save time. Investor/ trader has option to use OPM i.e leverage and saves time.

  7. Philosophy about “a statement closes a mind ,a question opens a mind”

Well lot of them. They are quite true. That book made a gigantic shift for me. If you are someone struggling with money , feel that “middle classiness” (i.e always working and wondering why the nothing makes difference, going to work till 60) , this is a best book especially for a mindshift. But don’t take his idea about real estate and debt. They are all way worse.

I listened to his audio of “Rich Dad Poor Dad”

Awesome I must say!

It changed my perception. From being a non-investor to becoming an investor and changing my thought process.

I was lucky that I found this audiobook.