Robo trading softwares

I use a screener which gives buy and sell signals so is there any robo trading software were i can buy and sell automatically best must knowledge about coding

@Streak ?

no i use chartink software

You want to atomatically take position based on some indicator ??

yes i have combined some indicators and made a screener in chartink so i want to automatically buy and sell stocks

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Kite apis or Ami broker or streak will help you I think.

but i have zero knowledge on coding and apis
and final help i there and software which automatically updates the stoploss when ever it reaches certain percentage

Streak says that you don’t need any coding knowledge for automation.
I have not used it, but you can automate buy/sell with certain conditions.

@Streak can you ?? - Read their user manual. Then proceed if you find it easy.
Or check their channel, they will be explaing it in a video format Streak - YouTube