Roll over of FNO contract

I want to roll over a Futures contract that expires on 30 Nov since I am bullish on the stock and do not want to square off on expiry date…is there an option in Zerodha to roll over the Futures contract without squaring off the existing contract (other trading platforms offer a rollover option).

Hi @YL8968
For now u have to bring the margin u cannot take same position on the margin used . so u can square off on the expiry day and take new position in next month. Happy trading.

A rollover in F&O is executed when you close the current month contract and open a new position of the same qty in the next month’s contract.

Well, you can hold the current month contract till expiry after which it will automatically expire. You can buy the next month contract whenever you please before the next month’s expiry.

No, you have to square off current month contract, otherwise it will expire on expiry date.