Rs 13,000 cr for shareholders

Infosys Announces today that,

Starting FY18, the company will raise this to 70% of the free cash flow of the corresponding financial year. That apart, the Board has decided to pay Rs 13,000 crore to shareholders by way of dividend or buyback during FY18, subject to necessary approvals.

Who & When will get the dividends/Buyback? & How? (Means process)

Who - Its the shareholders of Infy that will get the dividends/buy back

When - As they mentioned, some time during FY18. Not sure of the exact month and week.

Process - To be eligible for corporate benefits, you need to be a shareholder before the record date of the announcement. Do read this chapter for more information -

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Now, In order to get the dividends of the Infosys shares, Can I purchase the INFY shares in next fifteen days as declaration date is 13th April 2017? > (Usually the time difference between the dividend declaration date and record date is at least 30 days)
And will dividends come in trading account or bank account? Also is there any limit for min. number of shares to hold for getting dividends?

Div hits your bank account. There is no minimum number of shares to be bought. Yes, you can buy the shares now … you will get the dividends as and when its announced.

If you want to avail the benefit of dividend then you must buy the stock before or at Ex-dividend date because t+2 day.