RSI and ATR Data

Hi there,

Could someone help me figure out - how can i download the data on RSI (customized numbers) and ATR values on Daily to excel or any other format? (esp. for nifty - 200)
Is this option available with Zerodha if not any other suggestions?

you can download ohlc data from investing or nse website and calculate RSI and ATR in excel using ohlc data.

Create a Screen on with your custom settings of RSI and ATR, on Nifty 200 segment, and download the output Stock list to Excel.

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I did send a email to and this is what they said “Currently having custom field downloaded in xl is not possible, we’ll be adding this shortly tough”.
ATR value doesn’t match Zerodha’s data however RSI does but cannot download.
Please advise any other…cannot calculate for each stock.

This won’t work for you?

You can alter the parameters as you need.

No it doesn’t.
I meant - cannot customize the number (14) to any other number and have the data ( RSI Values) downloaded not the screening of stocks.