RSI for Hourly Charts Strategy

I have written the code RSI (CLOSE, 14) >50 for Buy Alert in the Create Scripted Alert and have done BackTest with 1 Hour timeframe of charts. It works perfectly fine and also on the charts it shows the Candle sticks along with GREEN buy signals when this condition was met.
However, i would like to run this script on multiple stocks and hence i created a scanner with the same script and added 5 stocks (as sample) and selected same 1 Hour timeframe charts. However, i am not getting any alerts or getting wrong alerts. Also, when i click on charts for the stock, it does not open the chart which gives the alert, similar to what we get during Back Testing.
When i do Back Testing of the stock that gave an alert from scanner, it shows that Buy alert was generated long back and NOT Live.

I am not sure what i am doing wrong. Can someone please guide me and let me know the correct procedure.

In simple terms, I need a BUY Alert when RSI crosses 50 from below in an hourly chart and Sell signal when RSI crosses below 50 in Hourly Charts. Can that Alert be a Popup? and Can that buy alert be displayed with a green arrow in the charts? Same script should work for multiple stocks


You have to code it in Expert Advisor