Ruchira stock not sellable

I have Ruchira 105 stocks which I purchased before 2 weeks.
But now problem is that m not able to sell the stock .
What is the exact issue m not able to get it ?
Every day after place order my order remains in open but that is getting cancelled EOD ( m placing market order )
Is that share dont have any buyer in market like that?
I try to contact zerodha but I am not getting any help
Please suggest if anyone have any idea ; Thanks

Ruchi Soya is hitting Lower Circuit since last few days, what that means is there are lots of sellers but very less willing buyers. In such cases exiting the stock is difficult, there’s nothing anyone can do about it.

I sold it today after so many days of waiting. My order went to exchange at 9:00:01 as I have kept amo order yesterday evening after market hours.